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The book Mother of Wheat tells a wonderful story about remarkable people and the Internet.

The main character in the book is a retired dwarf who manages to change its destiny, the lives of those around her and the entire world - through the computer screen. 


Mother of Wheat was published by "Safra" in conjunction with "Hakibbutz Hameuchad" in 2006, and received extensive praise and great commercial success.


Mother of Wheat



Mother of Wheat is an intricate complex novel, full of extraordinary characters, drawn together by fate, and led to an astounding adventure.


The protagonist – a retired lab technician midget – realizes her lifelong dream by purchasing a tiny chopper via the internet and storing it among her organic pot plants on her balcony, before taking it out for nighttime excursions. A surprising discovery made by the heroine provides the plot with a twist: apparently, unbeknown to science, certain gazes have a positive effect on plants. Amazingly, people fixing their eyes on the plants don’t have to be looking at the vegetation itself – looking at digital photographs of it is enough to make plants thrive. The more onlookers it gets, the more prosperous the plant becomes.


Planting various photographs of different plants on the internet, she learns how to disinfect and heal fields from a distance, by gathering enough people to focus on them while in the required mood. In order to enroll a large number of spectators, the midget develops a method. She uploads photographs of shabby plants and give them titles pretending to be porn sites – letting her imagination run wild.

The titles promise the unsuspicious surfers “an immediate dramatic improvement in their sexual ability, if they only focus for a while on those photos”…

The porn sites attract hundreds of thousands of horny mindless surfers, contributing without being aware, to her worldwide flourishing pesticide operation, harnessing the online libido for the welfare of wheat fields.

An operation that would turn her and her friends into financial tycoons.

An operation that makes the well fed world feed the hungry world…


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